lol if you villainize Elijah for taking control of Klaus’ shit because Klaus still can’t grow the fuck up and actually take time to care about the mother of his child y’all can leave.

Grant: So, what did you think of your first time skydiving?
Jemma: Honestly, I’d rather not think about it anymore.
Grant: I thought what you did was incredibly brave.


slow claps for elijah mikaelson and his heartbreaking existence

make me choose » anonymous & laheysqueen asked Sebastian or Francis

Why are so many people calling Augustus pretentious in an insulting and negative way?


I mean, hello! Augustus is pretentious. He knows it. His best friend knows it, and even says it out loud at the pre-funeral. This is not news.  

Have you people even read the book? 

make me choose → anonymous asked: Arrow or The Vampire Diaries

why don’t you guys write your own books so we can all make hilarious tumblr jokes about them nbd sure you spent maybe a year at least on them but that doesnt deserve any kind of respect right

How many times did Stephen Amell appear shirtless in Season 1?